Become a TemplateMonster Ambassador and Open a Brand New World of Perks

The Benefits of Being a TemplateMonster Ambassador

Obviously, it is clear that people become ambassadors for one reason and that reason is a huge variety of perks which ambassadors usually have. Needless to say, TemplateMonster as well offers a huge number of benefits for their beloved ambassadors, so let us check out some of them and figure out how you can benefit from them.
TemplateMonster offers a huge number of benefits for their beloved ambassadors.

Exclusive information

As soon as you became a TemplateMonster ambassador, you will get access to information about all of the latest offers, products, and updates first. This perk is quite useful for those of you who want to use the newest and the trendiest website building products in their projects. Having a unique website which has all the items that are not available to other people yet is quite a perk, isn’t it?

A chance to be featured in Ambassadors List

If you are seeking fame or at least a little bit of self-advertisement, being in the official Ambassadors List is something you might want. TemplateMonster gives all the ambassadors a chance to be featured in the list. That being said, you will definitely get some hype.

An opportunity to earn

Well, as a TemplateMonster ambassador, you will have to promote the company’s goods and bring new clients, but of course, it is not for free. You will get 30% per each unique sale and 10% per each returning client. So if you are a successful blogger, for example, and you advertise TemplateMonster products in your blog, thereby bringing a lot of clients to the company, you will get a pretty decent amount of money out of being an ambassador. This perk of being a TemplateMonster ambassador is perhaps the best one, isn’t it?

Become Ambassador

How to Spread the Word

As a TemplateMonster ambassador, you will have to tell the whole world about the company and all the great deals it offers. So let us figure out how you can spread the word.

Social Media

The easiest way of promoting the goods of any brand is via social media. You can use various social networks to spread the word about the company. Let’s look through some of them.

Promote in Twitter

Twitter is probably the most popular microblog in the world, thus it makes it very easy to promote the company and its products there. All you have to do is just write a short post, insert a link and a picture, and literally in a second the whole world will know that you represent TemplateMonster.

Use Facebook to spread a word about TemplateMonster Ambassador Program

Facebook is another well-known social network that will for sure help you to spread the word. Besides, Facebook allows you to write long posts where you can describe everything you want and need.

Earn with Instagram promotion

Instagram is a photo blog that has literally conquered the world. There is probably not a single person who doesn’t have an Instagram account, which makes it one of the best social networks for an ambassador.

social media pack bundle

Pinterest is another popular social network which you can use to spread the word.


You can also use such social networks as Behance and Dribble or think of some other social media that you believe will help you to spread the word about TemplateMonster.

Behance is one way of sharing TemplateMonster Products


YouTube is a powerful video platform used all over the world which means that there are several ways you can use it to share information about TemplateMonster. Let’s quickly check out some of them:

  • TemplateMonster product reviews
  • Various tutorials where you can use TemplateMonster goods
  • Guides on installation and customization of TemplateMonster themes and templates
  • The lists of top HTML templates or WordPress themes provided by the company

Blogs and Websites

If you happen to have your own blog or website, you can provide information about TemplateMonster there. The only problem that you might face here is that your blog or website has to be popular among the other users. So here are some ways you can insert some information about TemplateMonster products in your blog or on your website:

  • Informational articles
  • Templates, graphics, and plugins selections
Sharing TemplateMonster Products in Blog articles

Forums and Communities

You can also advertise TemplateMonster goods on various forums and in different communities. Just answer other peoples’ questions recommending the products TemplateMonster offers. Simple, isn’t it? And believe us, this actually works and works perfectly well. If by chance, you do not know any forums or communities, you can start with Quora, for example.


Steps to Become a TemplateMonster Ambassador

Becoming a TemplateMonster ambassador is very quick and easy. Let us go over some steps to become a TemplateMonster ambassador:

  1. Submit the form
  2. Receive an email from your manager
  3. Get your unique link
  4. Earn 30% per each unique sale and 10% per each returning client
  5. Get brand prizes for your activity

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