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There are lots of people who prefer to be employees rather than employers. When you are a part of a team that gets tasks assigned from a PM or manager you have to take responsibility only for your own work. You don’t have to think about such questions as “Where to get the money?”, “How to attract clients?” or “How to make the work more efficient?” That’s OK. Every company stands on such people who do their job correctly and on time. But there are also some guys who want to be their own bosses. They start working as freelancers and sometimes evolve to something bigger.


This article is right for such people – freelancers who feel ready to start their own web design business. It’s a tiny step for a single person, but a huge leap for an entrepreneur. The way to opening and growing your web agency is complicated, so to make it a little easier I’ve described the main milestones of it and added a few useful tips. Let’s go!

Step 1. Think carefully

Think carefully

[tweet_box]Before asking yourself the question, “How to start a web design business?” define your reason for doing it.[/tweet_box]

When you become the head of a little website design agency you will probably have to solve problems that never before occurred in your work. Moreover, you probably won’t be able to continue creating websites – there will be too many other tasks to complete. And the third thing that may make you change your mind is communication. Maintaining a website design business is not for introverts – you will have to do a lot of talking every day. Seeking clients, discussing their requirements, constant communication with employees (maybe there will be none at the beginning but you will expand at some point), and networking – lots of phone calls, emails and live chats.

So, think again. Do you really want to start a website design business? If none of the points I mention frighten you – don’t hesitate to do it. I had to warn you so that you will know what is waiting for you.

Step 2. Define the offer

define the offer

The website design business has harsh competition. There are several big companies and dozens of little ones in every country and even in every big city. It would be cool to do different websites for different companies but to step out of the line you will have to focus on something more concrete. There are several ways to differ your website design company from others:

  • By the niche. Maybe you did a couple of websites for different organic food and cosmetics brands – focus on it and build the whole company around the idea of organics and healthy life. Look for a trendy topic you can use as a foundation of your company.
  • By the quality of the service. You can create simple websites using ready-made templates that you customize. Then ordering a site from you will not be too expensive. Or you can build websites from scratch for the solid and bigger firms. That service will cost them much more money but guarantees a unique design.
  • By additional services. Creating websites is great, but sometimes clients need more than just a website. Searching for a hosting company, constant minor maintenance, security or speed boosting – your company could specialize in some of the additional services.

At this stage, you will have to do some investigation. Check the market, see what needs the customers have, and which agencies fulfill those needs.[tweet_box]If you will be careful and attentive enough – in the end, your little web developer company will quickly become efficient, popular and profitable.[/tweet_box]

This step is very important – the right choice of specialization will help you not only at the beginning of your web agency development but throughout its time of growth.

Step 3. Business plan

i have a plan

Believe me, you need it. Even if you won’t show it to anyone – you need it at least for yourself. A business plan is a kind of summary where you write down what amount of resources you have to spend and what steps to take to achieve your goals. A business plan will help you understand what you want from your website design business, what the main goal is, and how you plan to reach it.

I sincerely doubt you have never heard of it, but just in case – here is a detailed article about what is, actually, a business plan. In simple words, it is a list of steps you are going to follow. The goals could be as simple as “earn $1000 in the first month” or “earn $100,000 in a year.” Purchasing software, hiring new teammates, and spending money on promotion – those are all steps you are going to take while growing your design business.

If you need a business plan only for yourself – you can write it simply on a sheet of paper. However, if you want to show it to the partners or investors, it is better to make it look good. Here are 7 steps for a perfectly written business plan which you can use while working on it. And if you want some more details and explanations – this article will tell you how to write a business plan.

The most important advantage of performing this step is your financial capabilities evaluation. Here you look at how much money you will need to launch. This step will define whether it is affordable now for you or not. There is a possibility that you will have to wait until you earn the necessary sum. If that happens to you – don’t worry, it is not a catastrophe. Don’t give up, try again, and after some time you will have your web agency.

Step 4. Legalization

multi pass

A web design company is not just some people doing the work and a website to sell their service. To make your little company legal you will have to get some licenses and permits from federal and state agencies of your country. Some insurance will also help you to feel confident. Citizens of the US could check the U.S. SBA website for information about necessary licenses and permits. If you are going to start a web design business in some other country – search for an appropriate website (a little tip – search for tax authorities of the country).

Chances are, you will need some help here. Ordinary people don’t meet with legalization problems often, so you may need to find a lawyer who will be able to explain all the details to you. If you don’t have a reliable attorney in mind you can go search for a lawyer on a specialized website. If your web development business will be located in the US – check Avvo. For the European location, go through e-Justice.

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